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Consumer Electronics Show
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Connectivity, 3D, e-readers and tablet computers are the trends to watch at the world’s biggest technology conference in Las Vegas this week.

The Consumer Electronics Show, CES, is famed for presenting new technologies before they hit the market.

In the past, landmark innovations at CES included compact disc players, the VCR, high-definition TV and Blu-ray.

“CES is still a huge deal. It’s a giant showcase for the industry,” said Charles Golvin, of Forrester Research.

“In the context of the economy, 2009 was where many of the long-time participants re-evaluated their commitment to the show and reduced their spend. This year I think we will see a little bit more glitz and glamour compared to the more sombre mood of last year,” Mr Golvin told BBC News.

In 2009, attendance at CES was down around 20% to 110,000 people.

For the beginning of the new decade, attendance is expected to be up slightly with around 2800 companies preparing to show off 20,000 products to journalists, bloggers, analysts and industry movers and shakers.

“There is no way 2010 can avoid being a better year than 2009,” said Van Baker, principal analyst at Gartner Research.

“Nobody is counting on a barn-burning year but everybody thinks it will be much better than last year. It needs to be because the consumer electronic guys really hurt last year,” said Mr Baker.

3D everywhere

So what are the technologies that will make the big headlines in 2010?

“The noise is all going to be around 3D TV,” said Gartner’s Mr Baker.

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